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By Maggie Napier

Contemporary Glass Jewellery 

Make a statement... without making a fuss

Contemporary Glass Jewellery 

Hi, I'm Maggie Napier. I'm a contemporary glass artist and jewellery maker. My work combines an abstract, tactile, organic aesthetic with an appreciation of the historical role of beads as talisman, exchange and currency. 

Black and white sculptural glass necklace

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I handmake a wide range of contemporary glass jewellery, including necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and cufflinks. 

I also create an original range of artisan glass beads for artists who are looking for unique jewellery making components.

Bespoke pieces of jewellery are available to commission. If you are looking for a unique glass artisan piece, please feel free to contact me.


Experience the magic of working with Murano glass in to create your own artisan beads.

Suitable for all skill levels, you'll learn fundamental lampworking techniques and produce your own works of glass art.

I've welcomed and worked with both professional makers and absolute beginners sharing our passion and curiosity for 'glassbeadmaking'