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Prepping for the French Glass Exhibition in Biot

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Delighted that my ‘Homeland’ Necklace has been selected to be shown as part of the Biot International Glass Festival (Sept 25th – 27th). Biot is a beautiful little town in the South of France, famous for its old glass industry and has a wonderful Fernand-Leger art museum.

Here’s some context to the ‘Homeland’ Necklace :

The Homeland Necklace began with a glass ‘Warring State’ Bead, a design that is over 2000 years old. This bead has raised striated ‘eyes’ and was believed to have talismanic properties, protecting the wearer from danger and attack.

This necklace was originally conceived in response to burgeoning nationalism, migration and the concept of closing borders to threat (real or imaginary). The colours of individual, worldwide, national flags ornament each bead. These are strung, twisted and tied together, forming a necklace which is weighty to wear.

In this era of Covid-19 lockdown the idea of threat, protection and boundaries take on an extra resonance.

Materials : Flameworked Soda lime glass, silk.


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