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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Glassistudio is housed in a bespoke wooden structure in our garden. It’s not just any wooden studio though, part of this structure used to sit in a garden in Holland Park, London, and was the studio of Banbridge born, internationally important sculptor, F.E. McWilliam (1909 -1992).

McWilliam, contemporary and friend of Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Paul Nash, worked in this studio in his garden from the 1950’s until 1989.

After his death, his studio & its contents were brought to Banbridge as part of the F.E McWilliam Gallery development. The walls, windows and doors lived in storage whilst a replica was built in the grounds of the contemporary gallery garden. They then had a lifespan as an interactive sculptural project with students at NCAD in Dublin, before being repurposed and incorporated into the structure that now houses Glassistudio.

Gallery 1

It’s an amazing space to work in, tall, airy and bright. Among my favourite original features are the old ironwork window latches and door handles. As I’m locking up for the evening or lighting the stove on a winter morning I often think about Fred McWilliam pondering a new day’s work within these walls

Gallery 2

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